Manitowoc has announced three of its cranes to be shown at Bauma, including the new GMK6300L. It will also introduce new winch technology and demonstrate its CraneSTAR telematics-based asset management system, launched in 2009.

Grove GMK6300L
Manitowoc’s new Grove GMK6300L all terrain crane is the first model in the manufacturer’s forthcoming six-axle product line, which will focus on high capacity cranes with medium range booms and moderate capacity cranes with longer booms, explains Andreas Schwer, senior vice president of global engineering for Manitowoc.

More information will be released at Bauma, though he said the new range would “certainly have four or five base models,” each with several configurations. The 300t maximum capacity GMK6300L fits into the longer boom category, and the first prototype has been built and is in testing for a second model in the new range, one featuring a shorter boom and higher capacity.

The GMK6300L has a seven-section telescopic boom ranging from 15.6-80m, with a maximum tip height of 83m. “We’ve designed it for impressive picks on its main boom, without the need to rig the jib,” says Michael Preikschas, Manitowoc’s senior regional product manager for all terrain cranes in EMEA. “For example, with the boom extended to 74.8m it will lift 14.3t, and with the full boom of 80m it lifts 12t.”

Additional equipment includes a 12- 21m bi-fold swingaway jib, which can be combined with an 8m fixed lattice extension for a total boom length of 109m. With the boom fully extended, and the 29m swingaway jib and fixed extension, the GMK6300L lifts 1.1t to 50m in the 20-40° angle range with 35.5t counterweight. An optional 2.3m heavy duty jib has a 38t capacity and is offsettable to 38°.

New features on the GMK6300L include a fully automatic transmission and a choice of five outrigger positions. It also has a newly designed cab for the carrier, which seats three. Styled similarly to Grove’s four- and five-axle all terrain cranes, the GMK6300L has been adapted to fit the wider carrier of the six-axle crane. This cab also has more ergonomic positioning of instruments for better driving, Manitowoc says, and improved visibility, heating, air conditioning, aerodynamics and noise reduction.

Dimensions for the crane show a boom overhang on the front of 1.73m over the 15.4m carrier. Axle spacings are favourable, with 3.2m between the first pair of axles and 2.5m between the second. The carrier has a Mercedes OM 502 LA engine, and there is a Mercedes OM 926 LA for the superstructure. Both comply with the latest requirements of Tier 4 and Euromot IIIB legislation. The eight cylinder carrier engine generates 405kW and the six cylinder superstructure engine produces 210kW.

Potain MDT 368
Launched in 2009 by Manitowoc, the Potain MDT 368 topless crane will be on exhibit at Bauma with new design features. The MDT 368 is available in two versions, the L12 with a 12t maximum capacity, and the L16 with a 16t capacity. Maximum jib length on both is 75m and the maximum height-under- hook is 93.7m.

For both versions there are two hoist options: the 55 kW75 LVF 30 Optima or the 75 kW100 LVF 30 Optima. On the 16t capacity crane there is also a new trolley mechanism, the 6 DVF 6, which can reach speeds of 100m/min with a 4t load.

The MDT 368 has a 21.7m counterjib—too long to haul on a standard truck, according to Manitowoc, which has included a hinge to fold the section for transport. Jib sections are interchangeable with those used on the Potain MDT 268 and the MDT 308, and a 2 x 2m mast comes standard, though a larger 2.45 x 2.45m K mast is available.

Grove GCK3045
Manitowoc will also show the Grove GCK3045 mobile city crane, which it launched last year. The three-axle single cab crane is 9.07m long, 3m tall and 2.55m wide with five outrigger settings. It has a maximum capacity of 45t, and doesn’t require any additional counterweight.

“The engine is mounted in superstructure and acts as counterweight,” said Neil Hollingshead, global product manager for all terrain cranes and rough terrain cranes. The GCK3045 is able to travel with its equipment within 12t per axle.

The six-section main boom ranges from 7.9-34m, with a maximum tip height of 36.5m. With the boom fully extended to 34m, the GCK3045 lifts 1.25t with a 30m working radius. For a 46.5m tip height, a 6.3-10.2m twist jib offsetting at 5, 25 and 45° can be rigged by a single operator within the crane’s width. With the jib at 10.2m, and the fully extended outriggers spread to 6.47m, the crane lifts 0.5t at 45 degrees with a 34m working radius or 3t at 5° and a 9m working radius.

Power for the crane comes from a six cylinder 330kW diesel engine, and maximum travel speed is 80km/h. The hoist has 160m of 16mm rope and a single line pull of 44.4kN.