Mannesmann Dematic’s mobile crane division saw its revenue from sales of mobile and crawler cranes and Gottwald railway and mobile harbour cranes reach DM900m ($514m) in 1998.

In previous years the division’s sales figures have not been released separately, but subsumed into the results of the parent corporation of the German manufacturer.

However, marketing director Roland Schug said that worldwide sales were up by more than 10% on 1997. Employee numbers grew by 170 to 2,300.

The management of the mobile crane factories at Wallerscheid and Dinglerstraße has been combined.

At Wallerscheid is production of 26t to 120t telescopic all terrain cranes. Larger ATs up to 650t are built at Dinglerstraße.

Under the reorganisation, Dinglerstraße’s production manager Georg Pälmke becomes chief coordinator for production and outsourcing of both companies and Elmar Potdevin, formerly Wallerscheid production manager, becomes operative production manager for both factories.