McAdoo’s Towing & Crane Service of West Alexander, Pennsylvania, USA, is utilising a Link-Belt 120|RT rough terrain crane (120 ton /110 tonne) to connect a landfill site to a renewable natural gas pipeline network in London, Kentucky.

The crane is working at the Laurel Ridge Landfill in Lily, Kentucky, to help with the construction of the gas-capture project. The project will use 16,000-pound tanks to store 1,800 cfm of gas collected from the landfill, utilising the gas to supply 450,000 MMBtu of natural gas annually to various customers across the United States for transportation fuel and other sustainable purposes.

The 120|RT is being used to lift and position the tanks, steel framework, and ductwork. McAdoo crane operator Jordan Miller said the 120|RT was the perfect crane for the job site due to its capacity at radius and ability to operate comfortably in close quarters:

“The Link-Belt 120|RT crane is really well suited for this small construction site because of its compact size and excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces… Personally, I’ve enjoyed running this crane because it handles so smoothly and makes my job easier.”

The operator is aided by the crane’s fine metering feature and Pulse 2.0 LMI system, which has a 10-inch touchscreen display, plus Variable Confined Area Lifting Capacities (V-CALC). Miller said V-CALC, which allows for virtually limitless outrigger configurations and provides real-time charts to help plan lifts more accurately, has been an invaluable tool throughout the project.