Liebherr Container Cranes has commissioned the fourth of a four super-post-panamax container crane order for the Medcenter Container Terminal (MCT), Gioia Tauro, Italy. All four cranes were completed during the final quarter of 2000.

The cranes have an outreach of 53m, facilitating operation across a 20 container wide deck stow, which means that the terminal can now take the world’s largest container ships. Lifting capacity is 68t and the cranes are equipped with centre-spread twin-lift spreaders. The height under spreader is 36m.

The crane speeds are: 80/180m/min for hoist, 220m/min for trolley and 46m/min for travel.

All drives are of the Liebherr Digivert DC type and the cranes include the Winscan crane management system.

Erection of the four units was carried out in a designated area 400m behind the operating track. The cranes were then skidded forward and were all operational ahead of schedule within a week of arriving on the operating track.