Merlo Roto

The major 3,800 kg lift machines now have lifting capacities of 2,500kg at full lift height, a significant improvement over the predecessors and competitors. All machines use a 74.9 kW turbo Deutz engine and full ‘Load-Sensing’ hydraulic systems. The single lever joystick controller combines a direct control of lift and tilt functions with proportional control of boom extension, turret slewing and attachment circuits through thumb-operated rotating switches.

Lift heights range from 10.4m for the 50.10S to 13.9m for the 38.14.

The latest boom means that the drive mechanism is retained within the boom base, preventing site damage of external cylinders or hosing and keeping parasitic weight down low as the boom is extended. Releasing a few bolts allows the entire mechanism to be withdrawn for service. This new design has significantly faster boom extension and retraction speeds.

These simpler machines have turret rotation increased to 415 degrees and fold-out stabilisers (operated in pairs from the cab). Stabiliser width has been increased by 220mm to increase stability at height, whilst retracted width has actually been reduced by 50mm. As the new booms reduce overall length, these machines reinforce Merlo’s reputation for building highly manoeuvrable and compact machines!

All machines have hydrostatic transmissions to combine ease of driving and safety, and ‘S’ models have Merlo’s featured hydropneumatic suspension to permit a 40 km/h travel speed.