French crane rental company Foselev has expanded its fleet with seven new Grove all terrains. The order comprises a mix of three-, four-, and five-axle machines (GMK3060L-1, GMK4100L-2, GMK5120L respectively) with capacities ranging between 60 to 120 tonnes).

The new models will join over a hundred other Grove cranes that Foselev already has in its fleet. In total Foselev has a crane fleet of around 450 units and has been buying Grove cranes since 1995.

Foselev selected these cranes for their compact footprints, easy transportation, long booms, and versatility to work across multiple industries, claims manufacturer Manitowoc.

“Grove cranes are one of the foundations of our fleet,” said Eric Stroppiana, operational director of the lifting, transport, and handling division at Foselev. “We enjoy using them, and we particularly like their variety of long booms and configurations. The cranes can easily put in 1,200 hours a year. The people we work with at Grove are fantastic, and we get excellent customer service. There are over 100 Grove cranes in our fleet, and we expect that number to continue growing,”

The company’s new three-axle crane replaces older two-axle units, offering strong lifting capacities and up to 7.5 t of counterweight