The LTM 1200-5.1 mobile crane was equipped with its maximum 76t of counterweight to lift the three 18t transformers at a radius of 25m.

Ainscough in Central London (1)

Ainscough in Central London

The transformers were installed in a building constructed below road level close to Westminster Bridge Road, and the Central London location, close to the Houses of Parliament and other tourist hotspots, meant access was the biggest issue for the Ainscough crane and its crew, as well as ensuring public safety. This required co-ordination with other upgrade work going on in the area, and the use of 160m of fencing including full height fencing to isolate the crane and ancillary equipment.

“In order to minimise disruption for the public we took advantage of planned weekend road resurfacing closures in the immediate area and obtained approval from the Transport for London Authority to co-ordinate the additional traffic management that would enable us to rig and position the crane on Westminster Bridge Road,” said David Hodson, contract lift manager at Ainscough.