The contractor shall provide material handling equipment services in Bulgaria at the Novo Selo Training Area in support of US and Coalition Forces as specified in this (SOW) Statement of Work. The Novo Selo area refers to the Rail Station located in BDC Tovarni Prevazi Burgas, 24 Maratz Street, 8690 Zimnitsa Rail Station and the LSA located in Mokren Village Sliven Municipality, Bulgaria. For cranes this includes the Novo Selo training area and the Rail Station located at Zimnitsa Bulgaria. Bulgarian and/or American Military Police will escort along roads as necessary. The Novo Selo Training Area refers to the entirety of the training area, ranging from the Life Support Area in to Mokren Village Sliven Municipality.

Five units of 50 Ton Crane with Operator, Diesel Fueled. Vehicle must have all the proper

paperwork as relates to operation, .h as safety certifications, inspection

documents, etc. Operator will work approximately 10 hours a day, schedule

for work hours will be coordinated with the Contracting Officers


Two contract periods: 15 Julyl through 14 July 09 and 15 July through 10 July 10

Two units of 40 ton cranes, 45 days on call with 24 hours notification

Contact Name:

Wyeth S. Anderson