The new tanks will help increase the freezing and storage of capelin fish so that the company’s vessels can return to fishing as soon as possible.

Jáverk acted as the main contractor for the project and used a Modulift MOD 50 spreader beam for the lift supplied by Heimir og Larus, which has provided lifting equipment in Iceland since 1973.

Two Grove cranes were used, a GMK 5130 and a GMK 5100, for the lifts. The MOD 50 has a lifting capacity of 18t at its maximum span of 13m, but for this project a span of 8m was required, giving a lifting capacity of 50t. Lárus Lárusson, owner of Heimir og Larus, said each lift took less than an hour to complete.

Sarah Spivey, managing director of Modulift said “Working closely with our customers to understand their lifting requirements helps to ensure they receive the right product for their lift.  A customer may ask for a particular product by name, but it‘s only when we talk through the lift in more detail are we able to offer the most suitable product for their specific requirements. On most occasions it‘s also more cost effective for them too. As well as cost, we also understand that delivering the right product on time has a huge impact to the overall succcess of a project too.  Like this one for Lárus.”