A single Modulift set can be used for lifting loads of varying size and weight, by bolting together different sections of the beam itself to make different sized spreaders. Traditional spreaders are often one-use only, or have to undergo heavy engineering work to prepare for a different lifting project, Modulift said.

CEC has chosen 2 sets of Mod 110 from the Modulift Heavy Range. Each set has a span capability of 7m and can be joined together for a span of 12m and a load capacity of 100 tonnes. The Mod 110 is aimed at lifts with longer span requirements, and also has an increased load capacity as a result.

“We get regular orders for Modulift sets from ports, ship operators & owners, and yards. CEC ordered this Modulift system direct, based on the experience of Flamar, which shows that the benefits of flexibility and low lifetime costs of Modulift are certainly being talked about.” comments Nick Latham, Director, Modulift.