Crane operators and riggers needed to remove and load onto trailers the brewery's entire production line from its current building. The final and most challenging lift was moving the brewery’s 7m, 6t oven. 

Moorabbin Mobile Cranes’ crane crew operator, Mark Curtis, said: “Anytime you’re performing a lift and carry operation inside of a building precise movements are required. Our crew has a lot of experience in this type of environment and prefer to use our Terex AT 20-3 pick & carry cranes because of their ability to maneuver in tight spaces with limited overhead space.”

Two cranes, two crane operators and two riggers started the Matilda Bay Brewery job by lifting and placing smaller machinery onto the trailers for transporting.

Once the bulk of the production line was removed, Moorabbin Mobile Cranes’ crew could finally tackle the task of lifting and walking the oven through a low overhead door onto an awaiting truck and trailer. 

To begin, the Terex pick & carry cranes were positioned on each side of the long oven. After each side was rigged, each crane operator had to carefully lift at the same time to keep the oven level. With the assistance of crane riggers paying attention to potential overhead obstacles and tight corners, the oven was then slowly walked out of the building and placed on the trailer.

Curtis said: “We had to maintain a very low lift height throughout the operation and be able to exit the building with the oven positioned precisely over the top of the trailer.”

The company keeps these machines busy on a daily basis around Melbourne, Dandenong and the Mornington Peninsula. On many jobs, the two cranes work in tandem and perform dual lifts on a regular basis. “Since we started using Terex pick & carry cranes back in the 1990s, dual lifts have become more of a specialty of ours,” said Curtis and added: “We have a lot of clients that need to lift and place long heavy machinery inside of buildings. And, having the crane pair allows us to do that efficiently and economically.”