National Crane has upgraded its N-80 and N-65 general-purpose articulating cranes.

The N-80A, as it is now called, has a new boom extension system that eliminates components inside the boom, and gives 9.75m (32ft) of hydraulic extension. Proportional extension is accomplished using one cylinder and a redundant cable-crowd system that has been substantially increased in capacity. The result is a simpler crane with the same capacities as the 11.35tm-rated N80, says National, for the same price.

Changes to the N-65 are more visible. The N-65A comes with additional, all-hydraulic boom lengths of 6.1m, 7.9m and 9.8m, for greater flexibility in configuring the basic unit. Total horizontal reach has been extended to 11.7m by using 9.8m of hydraulic extension and a manual extension.

Changing the rotation system to rack and pinion lowers the centre of gravity and improves rotation control. The boom design has changed to a six-sided, proportionally extended profile, and the design of the N-65A provides an improved hook approach height, for loading and unloading close to the bulkhead with a pallet fork.

Boom offset between the inner and outer booms eliminates the need for an offset inner.