International player in naval defense the Naval Group, which is an industrial contractor, designer and overall integrator of complete warships and combat systems, has bought four six-axle electric SPMT units from Cometto.

The Naval Group has ten production sites in France, although these units are already being used at the Naval site in Cherbourg.

Due to its modularity and payload capacity of 48 tonnes per axle line, these self-propelled modular transporters offer a transport solution for the heaviest missions, claims Cometto. The electronic steering system provides maneuverability and precision through a +135 / -135 ° steering angle. Two 129 kW Powerpack Units and a set of accessories completes the delivery.

In the past, the Naval Group has bought three two-axle versions of Cometto’s Eco1000. These self-propelled units offer a compact structure due to their Power Pack being under the loading platform – making them suitable for workspaces with less maneuvering space.  

There are three different Powerpack technologies available within the Eco1000 range: diesel, hybrid, and electric.