The Northern Territory Crane Association (NTCA) was launched in Darwin on 19 December 2008. In attendance were CICA officials John Gillespie (president) and Alan Marshall (CEO). Marshall said, “This is a significant step forward for the Northern Territory operators, and one that has been in the development pipeline for some time thanks to key industry leaders such as Bob Davis, Steven Bailey, Ray Cron, John Gillespie, Jeff Brundell and more recently the fantastic energies of Cheryl Woodhart [of Hiab].

“Sure there is some hard work ahead, especially to get the local industry to really step up, understand and get behind the new association, but strategically having the NTCA can only be good for the industry. And of course CICA is keen to lend a guiding hand as the association grows.”

The launch of the new association means that all of Australia’s large mainland states and territories now have their own crane association: the NTCA joins crane associations for Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia.

Gillespie said, “It was a worthwhile trip despite the torrential rainfall on the day, although we were under good cover at the HIAB Darwin premises. I was most pleased to be able to present an official plaque from CICA to Cheryl Woodhart on the day, to commemorate the event and the launch of the NTCA.

“I appreciated the important opportunity to talk to the locals and the interstate guests about the benefits of state and national industry associations, and the good work of CICA’s activities across Australia including CraneSafe, and internationally. A lot of hard work is undertaken by association volunteer committees on behalf of members and the broader industry and along with many others I am passionate and positive about this industry and the future.”