Terex said the new three-axle unit ‘redefines compactness’ in the 45t lifting capacity class with a total length of only 8.68m, a width of 2.55m and an overall height of just 3.16m.  Its height can be reduced to less than 3m when space is at a premium, as is the case indoors.

The crane features a larger cabin, which has been redesigned to reduce vibration and noise for for the driver.

With the base section of its fully hydraulic 31.2m main boom also particularly compact with a length of 7.8m, the AC 45 City is able to work in buildings with a relatively low clearance while still keeping its boom at a steep angle.

“Another advantage is its vast configuration flexibility, which makes it possible to customize the crane perfectly for the requirements at hand – for instance, with the 1.3m-long runner for loads of up to 25t or with the three-sheave hook block, which allows for six-part reeving. And with offsettable main boom extensions of 7.1m or 13m, the system length can be increased to an impressive 44.2m,” said Terex.  For owners of the previous AC 40 City, the new crane can use their old main boom extension.

Like all Terex’s new cranes, the AC 45 City comes with the IC-1 Plus control system. Unusually, the crane’s variable load moment limiter can calculate capacity from infinite outrigger positions. This will be a particular advantage when setting the crane up in compact positions.

In addition, the Demag AC 45 City comes with features such as an axle load indicator, a hook height indicator, cruise control, and cameras for load, hook and hoist monitoring and for backing up. Remote radio control and storage boxes are included as well.

The crane will undergo further testing over the next six months, and is expected to be in serial production by the summer of 2018.