New generation of disc brakes launched

12 January 2022

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Dellner Bubenzer expands product portfolio with launch of SB 28.5

Braking systems specialist Dellner Bubenzer has launched a new generation of disc brake, the SB 28.5, for the global market. The company said the new SB 28.5 brake upgrades the SB Series with optimised technology and maintenance service. The SB 28.5 is the first new product launch since the global Dellner Bubenzer merger in June 2021.

The SB 28.5 disc brake has been designed to offer greater sustainability in that it can be combined with Dellner Bubenzer’s Buel thruster to consume less energy while maintaining a fast-closing time. It also needs less maintenance due to an improved roller and cam self-centring system, which reduces wear, the company claimed.

The parallel alignment of brake shoes means that any maintenance work is simplified, Dellner Bubenzer added.

The disc brake has been designed so that it can be used to replace the company’s previous products when new brakes are required.

“Dellner Bubenzer is pleased to announce the release of the SB 28.5," said Jan-Willem Schoneveld, CCO of Dellner Bubenzer. "Dellner Bubenzer’s goal to become the world's leading supplier of brakes and related power transmission products requires us to constantly evolve our company and our offerings. By constantly monitoring our products, recognising optimal performance potential, and responding to market needs, this is another opportunity to expand and enhance our product portfolio with worldwide competence and expertise.”