Lift Systems has introduced the Nimble Lift TF 4560 telescopic forklift to its range of industrial lifting devices. Capacity of the forklift is 60,000lb to 10ft (27.2t to 3m) and 33,100lb to 14ft (15t to 4.3m). The forks can be replaced with a Riggers boom to get a 23ft (7m) lifting height with a 60,000lb load, or to lift 23,200lb (10.5t) at 16ft (4.9m) from the front bumper.

Attaching Lift Systems’ Mobilift boom gives a 22ft (6.7m) height with a 60,000lb load or 14ft (4.3m) reach from the front bumper with a 30,100lb (13.7t) load. A jib adds up to 15ft (4.6m) of reach.

Southern Industrial Constructors has owned Lift Systems Mobilift and Twinlift units for seven years and has now purchased a NimbleLift. Said president Earl Johnson Jr: ‘We have expanded into jobs that require both Mobilift and Twinlift, and the 4560 will perform both functions. With the narrow carriage of 6ft and low profile, we can easily go through 8ft doors and pick with the vertical boom with a 12ft ceiling.’ Johnson continued: ‘We encountered a situation last week of removing a motor that was inaccessible except by chain falls, and the 4560 with a hydraulic boom had no problem in removing this motor in under 10 minutes.

The NimbleLift features hydrostatic drive with two speed transmission. It can climb grades of 15% with full load or 26% unladen. Turning radius is 5.5m with the counterweight retracted and 6.4m with it extended.