Nordic lifting, special transport and heavy haulage company Havator Group Oy has a new President and CEO: Hannu Leinonen. Leinonen was appointed to the positions after Christoffer Landtman, former CEO of Havator, requested resignation from his position on personal grounds. The Group’s Board of Directors approved the request and has made arrangements related to the Group’s management.

Hannu Leinonen, the Group’s former Chairman of the Board, became the Group's new President and CEO as of 7th February 2022. Leinonen has been the Chairman of the Board of Havator Group since 7th January 2020. Leinonen has strong experience in the construction industry, and almost 20 years of experience as CEO from Destia Ltd and YIT Plc. Leinonen is also a member of the Board of Directors of SRV Group, listed in the Nasdaq Helsinki.

Panu Routila will be appointed as the new Chairman of the Board of Havator Group. Routila has long experience from chairman of board positions and successful track record of management, development and M&A from industrial and service business. Routila is the Chairman of the Board of Oriola Plc, Patria Plc and Fortaco Plc, and a Member of the Board of Ensto Ltd and Conficap Ltd. He has previously served as the President and CEO of Konecranes Plc, Ahlström Capital Ltd and Kuusakoski Alteams Ltd.

The Board thanks Christoffer Landtman for his successful work in developing the company's business and profitability.

“After hearing the news, I was worried that the good progress made in the development of the company would get hit when Christoffer leaves his position. However, with these successful changes in management and the involvement of people with strong industry background, I believe we will be able to continue our strong development. With these changes, we get fresh insights and relevant experience to continue our journey, which helps us achieve even better results,” comments Anders Björkell, Member of the Board of Havator Group and Partner at CapMan Buyout.

“I take the Chairman’s role in Havator with great enthusiasm. I am convinced that I will be able to build new ideas and insights from my own experience, and support the Group in its way forward,” says Panu Routila, Chairman of the Board-elect of Havator Group Oy.

“I am very excited and motivated to take the helm after Christoffer. Much has been achieved during his term as CEO, but quite a few of the development projects launched are still in progress or recently kicked off. After Christoffer told me about his desire for change, the majority owner of Havator asked about my willingness to take over as the CEO so that the company could continue to develop its operations and improve its earnings trend at full speed. I got excited about the idea, especially about getting to work more closely with the people at Havator. The organisation has a huge amount of know-how and pride, both in the company itself and in the professionalism within. I am sure we have a winning team in our hands!” notes Hannu Leinonen, the CEO-elect of Havator Group.