The Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group division of Belgium headquartered steel wire transformation specialist Bekaert has launched Dyform DSC10 PI – a high-performance compacted parallel laid rope construction with all the strands within the rope being spun/ twisted together in one operation. It is used in applications such as luffing ropes on crawler cranes and hoist ropes on electric overhead traveling cranes where both ends of the rope are fixed and the load is prevented from rotating.

Ruben Maes, global segment director oil & gas and crane & industrial, says, “Complementing our product offering with this ten-strand rope is a logical step forward to ensure our leading position in the cranes segment. This ten-strand rope with advanced plastic covered core ensures maximum lifetime in a wide variety of applications where general purpose ropes simply are not up for the job. The first ten strand with plastic core will be the bases for a further group of products, pushing the envelope in performance and lifetime.”

Dyform DSC10 PI has very high breaking strength, says Bekaert, and provides good crush resistance, an accurate rope diameter, and tight tolerance. Dyform DSC10 is designed to offer corrosion resistance with an internal plastic layer inhibiting moisture penetration to the core.