Opti-Logic Corporation describes its new laser rangefinder as the most versatile and affordable on the market. Typical applications include the construction industry where a crane operator needs to measure the height of a structure and in forestry for measuring tree height. The LH Series of hypsometers includes models that measure over 550m on non-reflective targets and up to 900m on highly reflective targets. A structure’s height can be measured to an accuracy of ±300mm (+5% of reading) in about 10 seconds.

LH hypsometers have four operating modes and can measure line-of-sight distance, horizontal distance, height and angle. Distance measurements are accurate to ±1m and angle measurement resolution is ±0.2°. Each LH model is user programmable for distance and height measurements in metres, feet or yards, and angle measurements can be displayed in degrees or percent gradient.

Features of the LH series include one button operation, a minimum measuring distance of 3.7m, an automatic rain mode to avoid false readings off highly reflective rain drops and a red dot aiming system for precise targeting. Power is from a single 9V battery.

The 100LH, 400LH and 600LH rangefinders are available worldwide at suggested prices of $695.95, $795.95 and $895.95 respectively.