New wind turbine blade clamp model from Ematec

7 September 2023

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Manufacturer of lifting equipment for the installation of wind turbine rotor blades launches new model of popular yoke range.

Memmingham, Germany-headquartered manufacturer of lifting equipment for the installation of wind turbine rotor blades has launched a new generation of its popular RBC-D range of installation yoke: the RBC-D50.1. 

The crosshead on the new lifting beam is around 700kg than on the previous model and there is now just one centrally located hydraulic tank to enhance the service-friendliness of the beam. The new model also comes with a new upgraded 5.5-inch colour display.

According to Ematec its RBC-D range has enjoyed success in part as it is the only yoke on the market suitable for assembling and disassembling all types of rotor blades.

"With our RBC-D all turbines can be dismantled and serviced, completely independent of the blade manufacturer,” says Ematec CEO Manfred Eberhard. “No other truss manufacturer offers this flexibility. With our yokes we are talking about a service life of 20 years or longer. Because the RBC-D yokes are not limited to certain blade types new generations of rotor blades can be mounted at any time without retrofitting or even replacing the crossbeam.”

The system automatically stabilises up to a tilt angle of ±30 degrees, while adaptive grippers hold the rotor blades in place. The RBC-D can handle blade types up to a weight of 50 tonnes and a length of between 45 and 110 metres.

According to Ematec the RBC-D range of blade clamps are proving popular with a range of turbine manufacturers.

Enercon, the largest German wind turbine manufacturer, for example, has ordered 24 RBC-D yokes in various sizes, and many are now in use worldwide.

In 2022 the company says it celebrated its most successful business year since it was founded in 1997. It has also expanded its manufacturing capacities with its factory being extended by 1,700 square metres.