With controls on axle loads becoming stricter all over the world, checking loads and weight distribution has never been more important.

On the back of this need, trailer manufacturer Nooteboom is marketing its NoVAB vehicle axle load calculation program.

“With this software you can quickly and easily calculate the axle loads for a given cargo,” the company says. “You are not only able to determine the best vehicle combination for a given load, but also the optimum location of the cargo on the loading platform. This means that from now on you can detect an excessively high axle load and prevent it.” Nooteboom says that the program is flexible: an entire fleet of trailers can be entered into the program, irrespective of manufacturer, and up to 15 axle lines can be specified for each vehicle. The necessary data should generally already have been supplied or will be on the vehicle’s registration document. Nooteboom is also offering data on its own trailers on a diskette “for a small fee”. The software is available in English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish.

• Nooteboom has formed a European alliance with Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik. Nooteboom claims market leadership in semitrailers and drawbar trailers for exceptional road transport up to 130t payload, Scheuerle leads in the field of modular platform trailers with pendle axles. Under the alliance Nooteboom will jointly market Scheuerle’s new Euro Combi and Inter Combi ranges, which have payloads of up to 300t and 1,000t respectively.