The three-axle semi low loader with self-tracking axle has a payload of up to 39t at 80km/h. Through the new concept with 4750mm extendable loading floor, the deadweight has been reduced to 8.7t. The distance between the first and second axle is only 2260mm, enhancing manoeuvrability.

The semi low loader’s standard equipment includes sliding outrigger consoles in the loading area. Optional features include: a lift axle, removable intermediate tables, toolbox on the gooseneck, ferry rings, aluminum boards, ramps, storage trays and toolboxes under the loading floor.

The manufacturer said that the deep wheel wells allow for the transportation of larger types of wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks. “The asymmetric shape of the wheel wells makes it easier to unload wheeled loaders from the wheel wells. The special inclination angle of only 35° of the 400mm deep wheel well facilitates exit from a standstill,” Nooteboom added.   

These wheel wells are equipped with steel cross ribs in order to provide maximum grip when driving in and out. The manufacturer said the position of the wheel wells provides optimal weight distribution between the gooseneck and the axle bogie.

The long 1150mm rear beaver with high ground clearance facilitates the loading and unloading of construction machines, with a wide range of ramps offered.

The OSDS-48-03V(EBW) can also be used to transport divisible loads, containers and tracked construction machines. If necessary, the wheel wells can easily be closed, creating a completely flat loading floor. For this purpose, removable galvanised supports with integrated sliding width enlargers and hardwood floor boards are available. As an option, the wheel wells can also be completely filled with hardwood parts. The semi low loader is equipped as standard with three pairs of holes for intermediate locks, so that 20ft, 30ft and 40ft containers can also be transported.

To secure the load, the semi-trailer is equipped with various TÜV-certified lashing eyes.