Offshore pedestral crane inspection in Singapore

28 September 2016 by Sotiris Kanaris

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Offshore Pedestal Crane Inspection training will take place in Singapore in October and November, delivered by Sure NDT in association with Reliant Global Supplies.

The training course is approved by both IADC Drilling Industry Training (USA) and the Lifting Equipment Engineers' Association (UK).

Dates for the training are 17th to 21st October and 21st to 25th November 2016.

The course will be conducted on a functioning king-post diesel hydraulic offshore pedestal crane as found on many mobile drilling units offshore. Candidates will be able to view and inspect several different types of offshore cranes and their components at the shipyard, where cranes are being installed on vessels and drilling rigs.

The training will be conducted by the managing director of Sure NDT, Paul L. Angus. Angus has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry working with leading inspection companies as a project supervisor and trainer. He specializes in rigging and lifting equipment inspection.