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The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit the services of an e-learning courseware development vendor to design, develop and produce an online course to improve operating engineers Essential Skills in computer use.

1.1 Construction Sector Council

The Construction Sector Council (CSC) is a unique national labour, management, government partnership. The mandate of the CSC is to identify and undertake initiatives that will address the current and future human resource challenges facing the construction industry in Canada. For more information about the CSC, visit the CSC website at

1.2 General Background

The CSC Essential Skills Workplace Services Initiative seeks to enlarge and enhance the use of Essential Skills concepts in developing training for the construction industry. The CSC is working with a number of representative and training organizations to inform the industry about Essential Skills and to increase use of Essential Skills concepts in developing training. In this part of the project the CSC is working with the Canadian Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Council (COEJATC) to develop a course that will become the property of the latter upon conclusion.


2.1 Project Description

a) The goal of this project is to produce an online computer use course that will meet the needs of the Canadian Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Council (COEJATC). The course to be developed must be able to be deployed in both official languages on the Articulate platform and must be available in CD-ROM format as well.

It is the expectation of the CSC that the course being developed will be:

? Highly visual and realistic: Content and lesson exercises must be reflective of what is being used in the construction industry. For example, in the event that graphic representation is required, the graphics must reflect current equipment, techniques, and safety practices. The course must be designed to accommodate learners at a grade 10 education level, and incorporate the use of text, video, audio and graphics where appropriate.

? The product must be highly interactive: The product must be engaging, requiring learners to actively participate in a variety of learning activities where appropriate.

? The product must illustrate best practices: All production components including videos, images, text, and graphics must illustrate industry best practices and must be of the highest standard in Canada.

2.2 Course to be developed

The CSC is seeking the services of an experienced e-learning courseware developer to develop a Computer Use for Operating Engineers course.

This course is intended for individuals who are, or are about to become, operating engineers.

The final outcome of this project will be an online training course of approximately 3.5 to 4 hours in length. This will include:

i. Use of computers (and possibly computer-based templates) to prepare the following documents:

(a) Simple budget (Excel);

(b) Time Sheet (Excel);

(c) Service Log (Excel)

ii. Use of search engines and search strategies to find relevant information for Operating Engineers:

(a) Safety (slightly different lessons, in accordance with provincial requirements, for each province):

1. Provincial Occupational Health & Safety regulations & information

2. Fall protection

3. Fire safety

4. First aide (common to all provinces)

5. WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System- national: common to all provinces)