Load view cameras, which are suitable for all types of crane, are currently virtually unused in the UK, although they are widely used in mainland Europe, according to Cranesafe.

“The obvious advantage of the ‘Load View Camera System’ is safety, as the driver can look down exactly onto his hook,” said Tim Rowley, Managing Director of Cranesafe Ltd. “He is very often unsighted from his hook and totally reliant upon instructions from his banksman. Whilst a camera would never be intended to reduce the responsibility of the banksman, it is a great additional safety factor. At Cranesafe we see this product as another natural progression in the campaign to improve safety levels across all areas of crane operations”.

The system comprises of either a 7” or 10” LCD screen positioned in the cab, which is linked to an auto-focus zoom camera mounted on the crane trolley in the case of a saddle jib tower crane. For a luffing jib, mobile or crawler crane installation, an oil-damped swinging bracket is utilised to ensure the camera is aligned with the hook at all times.

Whilst the system is particularly advantageous in ‘blind’ lifting operations, it is hoped that being able to view the hook at all times will improve all lifting operations. The system will assist the crane operator to determine the final position of the hook thus giving better control during all lifts in all manner of situations.