“Manufactured from high-quality, heavy duty UHMW polyethylene, they are lighter than steel crane pads and retain their shape under extreme vertical pressure due to the material’s ‘muscle memory’ properties. They are also water resistant and do not corrode or splinter,” said the company.

The new 2000 x 2000 x 100mm pad has a 250t load capacity, yet weighs less than 400kg. It features integrated steel bar handles for ease of lifting.

The 1100 x 1100 x 40mm one has a load capacity of up to 60t and weighs less than 47kg. The third new product is a circular 1200mm x 50mm pad, that has a load capacity of 65t and weighs less than 55kg.

Charles Grizzle, business development manager at Outriggerpads, said: “Our product development programme is customer-led. We carefully listen to our clients and introduce new or updated spreader plates to meet their needs. Globally, the heavy crane market continues to grow for us, as operators increasingly understand the efficiency and cost benefits to using UHMW polyethylene over more traditional crane pad materials.”

The company will launch an updated version of its steel bar handle pads in the last quarter of 2018. These pads have four integrated steel bar handles, for ease of lifting and handling. Outriggerpads is adding a corner bracket, making them stackable and enabling crane operators to lift the full set all in one go. In addition, it is also launching a set of jacking and cribbing blocks for workshops.