This model has a maximum working height of 52m and an operating outreach of 19.5m. A hydraulic winch of 250-500kg maximum lifting capacity can easily be installed and replace the basket.

Di Primio used a 500kg hydraulic winch to lift and install parts of the 5G systems on top of the antennas.

Palazzani says that the hydraulic winch has become a “must have” for its customers, because it is easily mountable and enhances the versatility of the machine. The machine’s CanBus system controls movements leading to higher precision and lower fuel consumption by more than 20%, the company says.

Andrea Di Primio, owner of the eponymous Abruzzo rental company, said the reason behind the purchase of this machine is that it can be used in various environments. He said it is ideal for telecommunications infrastructure, but also for the narrow medieval alleys of the towns in the region.