Palfinger will launch a new 20tm rated truck loader crane at the IAA commercial vehicle show in Germany in September.

The new model is part of the Performance series which was introduced at Bauma 2001 and will be completed by the end of this year, Palfinger said. So far, there are 21 Performance cranes on the market, from the PK 4501 to the PK 90002.

A so-called Active Oscillation Suppression system (AOS) is used to control movement of heavy loads at long outreach. Pressure peaks resulting from vertical oscillation when the crane is under load are measured and computed by the Paltronic 50 system. The required correction movements are then introduced automatically via the control valve to the crane boom elevating cylinder Not only does the system improve control and therefore speed working, Palfinger claims, it also reduces dynamic stress on the crane and so increases its service life. Palfinger will demonstrate how AOS works at the IAA show.