Palfinger’s new PK 5001 at work

The two smaller cranes can be fitted with up to four hydraulic extensions. The PK 5001 a lifting capacity of 4.5tm and a hydraulic outreach of 11.1m, and the PK 6501 has a capacity of 5.4tm and a reach of 11.2m. Uniquely for cranes of this size, the cranes will be fitted with Palfinger’s high power lifting system (HPLS). This allows for a 10% increase in lifting capacity when working at reduced speed – as well as making placing loads more precise.

Palfinger 6501 lifting with a grab attachment

The PK 60002 features up to eight hydraulic extensions, 20.4m of reach and a lifting capacity of 58.3tm – this is 8% more than the PK 56002, but the use of high strength, fine grained, steel in its construction means the crane’s dead weight is only 1% higher.

Palfinger’s new PK 60002

ISC (Integrated Stability Control), the new stability system, controls the crane’s stabiliser legs at three different positions (retracted, half-extended and fully extended) and its stabilisers (as under load or not under load). The configuration status is displayed to the operator, and lifting forces are limited according to the current configuration – so the system only allows the crane to be operated within a safe working range.