Availability of Pewag’s grab-type shortening hook for its grade 10 chains has now been extended to the UK.

This product is the first grade 10 chain grab hook that does not require de-rating, claims John Brindley, managing director UK distributor Brindley Chains.

Unlike clutch hook-type shorteners, which grab the entire chain, grab hooks only hold the chain across the link, so needing to be de-rated. The advantage of grab hooks is that they are cheap – in grade 8 steel, they cost half the price. Brindley claims that with grade 10 grab hooks “the difference is still pretty significant.” The grab hook also has a sprung pin to hold the chain inside the hook when not under a load. “It’s useful in a lashing situation where you’re using a grab hook upside down to lash back,” Brindley said. The pinned version costs about 70% more.