It has been eight years since the project started, which involves the construction of two asymmetrical and unaligned towers in Paris’s 13th arrondissement. At 180m and 122m high, the towers will offer a total of 106,968sqm of floor space, of which 97,386sqm will be offices. The remaining space will be used for shops, a hotel and a panoramic restaurant and bar.

Manitowoc Lift Solutions and Crane Care teams designed a special solution for this challenging jobsite. The climbing MDT 319 crane, with maximum capacity of 12t, rests on the building, which raises it up as it constructs one of the skyscrapers around it. The Manitowoc Lift Solutions team configured the crane so that it could be installed in the stairwell of the tower under construction and, therefore, not resting on a building base. The Manitowoc Crane Care technicians then installed frames to support the crane inside the empty column, which were moved several times to allow the hoisting operations.

The 10t MRH 175, meanwhile, was installed on the higher of the two towers at a height of 180m. This crane was required to finalise the structural work for the tower and proceed with the installation of the metal structure at the top of the tower.