Two MD 485 B and four MD 365 B models have been rented from Kranor by contractor Vedal Prosjekt for the multi-billion dollar Fjord City project in Oslo; a major part of the regeneration of the city’s historic waterfront. Another MD 485 B and MD 365 B will be added to the fleet in January 2010.

Fjord City will include corporate space for more than 10,000 workers, residential space for 3,000 families, retail space and cultural attractions.

“In terms of monthly turnover, it’s the largest rental project in our company’s history,” said Tor Gunnar Stabaek, managing director for Kranor. “This is one of the highest profile developments in Scandinavia so it is great for us to be so closely involved.”

The cranes are being used for a number of lifting applications across the project. The MD 485 B models are equipped with 55m jibs and have a maximum lifting capacity of 20t. They are being used to lift some of the heavier components, including lift shaft sections that weight up to 15t and need to be moved at a 30m radius. Height under the hook will be increased from 87.2m to 100m as construction moves forward and the tallest buildings are constructed.

The four MD 365 B models are working with a 45m jib and a maximum capacity of 16t. They are being used to move lighter, pre-cast elements such as the stairs and floors, with weights between 10t and 12t. Height under hook will grow from 69m to 85m in line with the project.

“The cranes are working closely together, so height and lifting capacity is more important than jib length,” said Stabaek.

“Because we have so many cranes on this site we are using Potain’s Top Tracing technology to limit where the cranes can go.”