The bridge spans 92m and connects car park 3 to the new office park 4. This new structure has Austria’s largest LED wall with a surface area of around 180 sqm installed.

The Prangl experts were involved in the planning process right from the start.

Moving the steel elements was not entirely without risk due to the narrow space and various built-in parts at the installation location. The hardstanding also had to be chosen very carefully. The specification was to lift both steel structures from one location.

As the Austrian railway company ÖBB have their underground City Airport Train service nearby, there was not much ground that could handle the load.

Prangl decided that the most economical solution was to deploy its largest all terrain crane, which has a maximum capacity of 1,000t and 50m-long main boom. One particular feature of this crane is that the main boom can be upgraded to a telescopic length of 100m.

Two nights were originally planned for the two lifting procedures. However, due to adverse weather conditions, the job had to be completed in one night. All traffic was stopped or diverted between 23:00 and 05:00.

Prangl’s team began to move the first bridge element (33.9m long and 47.6t in weight) right on time at 23:00. The 1,000-tonner had to work with a working radius of 34.3m. The second bridge part (79.7t and 62.1m long) was lifted precisely into place at around 03:00.