With increasing demands for the company’s pressings and pressed assemblies for the automotive, domestic appliances and agricultural industries, Salop wanted the press to be out of service for the minimum amount of time.

Normally the press would be de-stacked for movement, involving the de-stressing of tie rods and dismantling completely into its individual components: press crown, slide, side cheeks, base and so on, and reassembled in the new location taking about three weeks.

Given the press was being relocated in the same building, JH Kemp proposed using its Enerpac SL400 hydraulic gantry to move the press without dismantling.

The SL400 hydraulic gantry can lift up to 30ft at the top of the third stage and can handle up to 400t at the top of the second stage.

After some preparatory work involving removal of the press feed conveyors, a minimum amount of guarding, floor plates around the press and bolts holding the press in position, the press in its entirety was lifted off the its foundations using the gantry. It was then moved along the gantry tracks to its new position in the press shop. Once in line with the new position the Enerpac SL400 gantry was re-rigged and the press uplifted and placed on to the prepared press foundation.

Lifting and moving the press was completed over a weekend, saving Salop Design & Engineering three weeks in lost production.