PSC Heavy Lift has broken its own heavy lifting record, strandjacking 12,680t at a fabrication yard in Korea in July.

In September 1999 PSC lifted a 11,000t semi submersible deck – Deepwater Nautilus – at Hyundai Heavy Industry’s fabrication yard at Ulsan, Korea.

The new record was set at the same location in almost identical circumstances. This time the RBS-8D semi-submersible deck was the Deepwater Horizon. The deck was lifted 33m by 34 x PSC L600 Strand Jacks, a system with a maximum lifting capacity of 19,000t. This method allowed two lower hull sections to to be skidded underneath the deck using a PSC Active Loadout System.

The deck was lifted by strand jacks mounted on Hyundai’s own temporary lifting towers, two each at the fore and aft ends of the deck with two more in the middle. PSC used its computer control system to synchronise the jacking.