CARLO Raimondi, one of Italy’s leading tower crane manufacturers, has decided to build its tower cranes to FEM A3 standard after years of building to FEM A4.

Managing director Eugenio Torello told Cranes Today that cranes designed to A4 had a longer theoretical structural life than cranes designed to A3, but customers ‘didn’t care’. Persisting with A4 had brought no reward from the market, he said, so from now all Raimondi cranes will be designed to A3 rather than A4.

Designing to A3 enables cranes to be given slightly higher capacity ratings than with A4, Torello said. He added that most other manufactures already design to FEM A3 or its equivalent.

Raimondi’s first crane designed to A3 was on show at the SAIE exhibition in Bologna, Italy last month. This was the first of a three model range of flat top cranes, the MR 81+3, rated at 81tm. Raimondi is also offering flat top cranes rated at 45tm and 99tm.

A full review of the SAIE exhibition will be published in next month’s Cranes Today.