Riggers Manufacturing Company has begun offering a new option to its line of Tri Lifters.

The Tri Lifter is Riggers’ mobile jacking gantry device that it offers as an alternative to cranes or forklifts for travelling with heavy loads indoors.

The new option is a self-loading system that is used to load the Tri Lifter onto a drop-deck trailer, without assistance, the company said.

The fully hydraulic loading system is operated by remote control that enables the operator to move to the best vantage point during loading or unloading. An automatic levelling system is included to make sure that the unit remains level as it is raised and lowered.

The first Tri Lifter with the new system was manufactured for Voortman Demontage of the Netherlands.

The Tri Lifter range comprises three versions, with capacities of 30t, 50t and 65t.