Riggers Manufacturing is launching a new four-leg gantry system at Conexpo in Las Vegas next month.

The company reckons that its new Quad 4 Lifter is ‘revolutionary’ and has even set up a website dedicated to the product (www.quad4lifter.com).

The Quad 4 Lifter is a four-leg gantry with four hydraulic cylinders per leg. Load restraint brackets join the four cylinders of each leg at the gland nuts. These load restraint brackets are the keys to significantly increasing stiffness of the lifting structure. The brackets cause the cylinders to act as one continuous, large, rigid column and reduce side sway by 500%, Riggers claims. Additionally, if one of the four cylinders fails, three will always hold the load, according to designs.

Focus group sessions were held with rigging industry experts to generate design ideas for the Quad 4. As a result, the gantry system has portable remote control, full synchronisation of lift and travel, inserts for added height, and other safety features. An automatic load sensing system monitors both the height and weight of the load on each leg at all times during a lift. The load sensing system will warn the operator of unsafe conditions or actually halt operation if established limits are exceeded.