Dutch crane and access rental company Riwal has taken delivery of the first unit of Grove’s new GMK 5130-1 all terrain. Frans Vanwinke, vice president of sales and marketing at MCG (EMEA), handed over the crane to Jaap Schalekamp, technical director of Riwal at a reception on 3 December at Grove’s Langenfeld facility in Germany.

Also at the reception, David Slack, managing director of Yorkshire, UK-based Crane Services announced that he would take delivery of a GMK 5130-1 scheduled for late April. Crane Services already operates five Grove cranes.

The first UK delivery of the GMK 5130-1 is expected to be to Midlands-based Dewsbury & Proud in February. The company currently operates eight Grove cranes.

The GMK 5130-1 purchase represents just a small part of Riwal’s recent investments, as it has also bought a Liebherr MK 100 mobile folding tower crane and Aichi FR 300 mini crawler cranes.

In addition, it has ordered nearly 1,000 aerial work platforms from JLG at a cost of Euro 29m ($38m). Delivery is scheduled for the first half of 2005.

Riwal is JLG’s distributor for the Netherlands and its largest European customer. A few hundred of the new access platforms will be divided between Riwal’s rental fleets in the Netherlands, Denmark and the Middle East but most will go to new joint ventures with local partners in eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Co-owners Dick Schalekamp and Doron Livnat plan to take Riwal into the world’s top ten of access rental companies in the next couple of years.

Riwal has also recently taken over a small rental company to establish a logistics and maintenance hub in the south of the Netherlands.

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GMK 5130-1: key facts

The GMK 5130-1 lifts 130t at 2.5m over the rear ‘with special equipment’, according to the preliminary brochure. Through 360 degrees it can lift a maximum of 110t at 2.5m or 94.5t at 3m.

The six-section Twin-Lock main boom extends from 12.9m to 60m and has a 63m maximum tip height. A hydraulic luffing jib can add an extra 32m of reach.

Four counterweight configurations are available: 40.1t, 23.5t, 11t or 8.5t.

On main boom, with full counterweight, it lifts a maximum of 10t at 18m radius, 2.5t at 50m and 1.3t at maximum radius of 60m.

With 23.5t counterweight it lifts 10t at 18m radius and 1t at maximum radius of 48m.

With 11t counterweight it lifts 10t at 14m radius and 1t at maximum radius of 40m.

With 8.5t counterweight it lifts 10t out to 13m radius and 1.4t at 36m maximum radius.

The GMK 5130-1 succeeds the GMK 5130, which was inherited by Grove from the Krupp product line in the 1995 acquisition. The predecessor model was phased out after the introduction of the 100t class GMK 5100 in 2000.