The 31m boom with the rope extension mechanism consists of a pivot section and four telescopic sections. The telescoping sections are extended and retracted using a dual-action 2-stage hydraulic cylinder. Stage 1 extends telescoping section 1. Stage 2 extends telescoping sections 2 to 4 synchronously using a two-way pulley block.

The manufacturer said the rope pull technology offers high telescopic lifting capacities and fast telescoping. “The integral rope pull technology enables the telescopic boom to be extended to the required length particularly easily and quickly.”

This option is intended for crane contractors who mainly use the compact crane inside buildings and do not need the full length of 36m telescopic boom offered with the Telematik single-cylinder fast cycle technology system.

Telematik, developed at the end of the 90s, operates using just one hydraulic cylinder and an internal locking system for the individual telescoping sections. The telescoping sections are extended easily and automatically to the required lengths using the hydraulic cylinder and are then pinned.