It showed a new pressure roller and end-of-rope control for Titan hoisting winches. The advantage over the previous version mainly lies in the more flexible mounting options of the new construction. The pressure roller can now be mounted on the winch at one of four positions to suit the desired rope exit, which also serves to optimize rope entry at the same time.

A further benefit of Rotzler’s new pressure roller over other models on the market is that it runs over the entire drum width and that a separate roller is available for the end-of-rope control function. In daily use, this means that all layers of the rope make full contact with the drum and not just the final one. Moreover, the new position of the electric end-of-rope control ensures it is well protected against mechanical damage. The pressure roller and end-of-rope control therefore actually fulfill two independent functions.

The pressure roller is also suitable for use in cranes found in maritime applications and can be retrofitted to existing units.

Furthermore, Rotzler presented a new top roller for 43 kN (max.) hoisting force model to supplement the previous range for hoisting forces of 15, 30 and 58 kN. The new model has been weight- and size-optimized in comparison to the previous designs. For crane operators, this means the top roller can remain in place on the crane after it has been folded down and does not have to be removed again – which not only makes it user friendly, but also saves time and means less work.

Another new feature of TITAN winches is their certification by Germanischer Lloyd for integration on ships.