UK crane provider London Tower Crane Hire & Sales (LTC) is using seven Saez tower cranes equipped with DCS 61-S zoning and anticollision systems from French company AMCS Technologies. The cranes are working at the Plumstead High Street rehabilitation housing project in south London, UK.

According to Gary Leader, health and safety advisor at LTC, “The DCS 61-S system significantly benefits the jobsite with ability to set key reference points as well as a calibration check point. For instance, if required to lift to a particular loading bay on a regular basis, we can ask the system to record the coordinates, and the system will notify once the crane has been manoeuvred into position.

“Things inevitably go wrong on a jobsite, and the true value of the system is observed when we encounter issues. If for example power is lost on TC3, the system recognises this, and will not allow me within the lifting radius of TC3. However, once power has been restored, the system will automatically recognise this and make TC3 live on the screen. 

“The DCS 61-S system is also live, so it enables troubleshooting issues to be rectified far more quickly. Rather than a technician attending the project to diagnose the fault, the system can be observed remotely in AMCS HQ. AMCS Technologies’ teams are then able to diagnose the fault remotely, arrange parts and instruct a technician to attend to rectify the issue saving the jobsite precious time”.

According to AMCS its DCS 61-S system ensures three fundamental functions: zoning, anti-collision, and it also works as a display unit and data logger.

For zoning, three-dimensional prohibited zones are defined directly on the screen, by associating geometric shapes with the areas or static obstacle concerned.

For anti-collision the system operates in real time and in 3D to calculate the distances between each part of the crane as well as movement speeds. It enables action to be taken on equipped mechanisms to ensure complete immobilisation of the crane at a pre-set distance from a particular obstacle. 

The display unit and data logger continuously records and saves events related to "prohibited area" and "interference" function management, allowing direct viewing and/or downloading to a flash drive. An additional function enables the dynamic recording of certain information concerning system and/or crane status. 

“In a world of ever-increasing risks, we are proud to support partners such as London Tower Crane Hire & Sales Ltd that focusses on safety issues as a priority and pushed from the start and continue to push for growing anticollision concern and awareness in the UK. We also explore how jobsite requirements and our solutions performance complement each other to enhance productivity,” Radoine Bouajaj, sales director at AMCS Technologies.