The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, a US trade association, has produced a video of safety talks to help crane and rigging companies with their training programmes.

The 25-minute video, created in cooperation with the Construction Safety Council, has three presentations:

Ladder Safety includes tips on selecting the right ladder for the job, inspecting ladders before use, and taking basic safety precautions when using ladders in various situations.

Personal Protective Equipment provides OSHA requirements and industry best practices for a wide range of personal protective equipment. The video examines hard hats, hearing protection, respirators, work gloves and personal fall arrest systems.

Personal Fall Arrest Systems demonstrates when and how to properly use the three components of a viable system ˆ full body harness, lanyard and anchor point. This presentation also examines different types of systems that have proven effective at protecting employees.

The Safety First! Series 1 video is available in VHS format at $99 for SC&RA members and $129 for non-members. It also comes in DVD format at $129 for members and $159 for non-members. To order, phone SC&RA on (+1) 703-698-0291 or order online at