Sarens in Mozambique

9 May 2024

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Collaboration between Sarens and Transportes Lalgy Lda set to provide crane, heavy lift, and specialised transport services across Mozambique.

Global crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport solutions provider Sarens has formed a partnership with Mozambique-based transport company Transportes Lalgy Lda to collaborate on providing crane, heavy lift, and specialised transport services across Mozambique

The newly-inked Strategic Framework Agreement between the two companies looks to meet the needs of key infrastructure developments across a range of sectors including: construction; energy; telecommunications; shipping; port; oil and gas; emergency response; project cargo; plant maintenance; and mining operations.

Central to the collaboration, says Sarens, is a shared commitment to empower local communities through skills development programmes and knowledge-transfer initiatives. By leveraging local talent and resources, Sarens and Transportes Lalgy Lda aim to stimulate economic growth and promote prosperity in Mozambique. Already initiatives are underway to support social responsibility endeavours, Sarens says, demonstrating the partners' dedication to making a positive impact.

The Strategic Framework Agreement solidifies the long-term cooperation between Sarens and Transportes Lalgy Lda, marking a significant step towards sustainable development and infrastructure enhancement in Mozambique, Sarens concludes.

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