Kouwenhoven will also be responsible for specialist companies Sarens Beton Montage, Sarens Steel Erectors, Sarens Wind and Sarens Project Forwarding. The concrete construction firm Van Geest Betontechniek, a division of Sarens since January 2007, will remain under the expert direction of the present manager Theo van der Meer.

Verzijl retires after 17 years in charge, but will remain involved as an advisor and in special projects. “Rutger Kouwenhoven is more capable than I am to improve our organisation and corporate image in such a way that we can optimally profit of the growth potential we still have in various areas,” he said.

The company now has 120 cranes, and another 40 are on order, and employs 350 people.

“Sarens will play a still more important part also abroad,” said Kouwenhoven. “Together with our headquarters in Wolvertem (Belgium) we are able to execute large turn-key projects with our own equipment.  In both breadth and depth our assortment of cranes and platform trailers is optimal. Also for the petrochemical industry in and around the Rotterdam and Antwerp ports Sarens is becoming a serious partner. The complete installation and assembly of windmills is a specialism of Sarens and in this we see the world as our working field. We have big orders for projects on several continents.”

His most important tasks however Kouwenhoven will fulfil from Dordrecht. “In order to evolve further and build an international reputation I will primarily concentrate on the internal organisation. The recruiting, training and education of employees are important factors for the future success of Sarens.”

Martin Verzijl, left, and Rutger Kouwenhoven. Kouwenhoven has taken over as general manager of Sarens Netherlands Martin Verzijl, left, and Rutger Kouwenhoven, of Sarens Netherlands