With over 80,000 sq m of cleared land and an exhibition centre, the show will be both indoor and outdoor, which will make it possible to see heavy equipment in action in a real life environment.

The Show Director, Raz Islam, says that invitations to exhibit will be extended only to heavy construction firms in plant construction, machinery and vehicles sectors.

“Where we differentiate ourselves is that we are all about hard construction – digging, drilling, moving, building systems and lifting. You definitely won’t see any interior design companies at the Saudi Construction Show,” Islam says.

The current exhibitors include Medco Al Rassam, GTE, Abahasain, Alrehab, Kanoo Group, AAA, Soilmec Arabia

and Zahid Tractor. The land is located opposite Zahid Tractor’s office on Al Khurais Rd.

Plans for the show include education programs, formwork and scaffolding displays, simulator training, four demos and meeting rooms.