In total, Mammoet completed 392,959 safe working hours and set close to 400 modules over the course of the four year project. At the height of the project, Mammoet had close to 30 cranes and 450 axle lines of SPMT on site, supported by approximately 100 people divided between day and night shifts. Some notable lifts from the project were a 800USt wash tower and 1,523USt reactor that were set using Mammoet’s MSG 80 crane.

Mammoet delivered numerous time saving solutions throughout the duration of the project, including their own in-house engineered Adjustable Modular Lifting Frame (AMLF). The AMLF is remotely operated and has a capacity up to 160USt. Sling length and position can be adjusted for different loads without having to lower and reconfigure the frame. This allowed the team to maximize efficiency and set up to five modules in one day instead of only one per day.

“Mammoet’s close relationship and coordination with Fluor Technip Integrated (FTI) and Sasol directly enabled us to provide safe and efficient operations,” stated Mammoet’s Gulf Coast general manager, Gerrit van Doornik. “Mammoet’s dedication to safety did not go unnoticed; our teams on site were awarded Sasol’s “Safe Crew of the Week” award a total of eight times. Mammoet has proven to the industry that modular construction is a viable and efficient way of constructing plants and this project will go into Mammoet history as a proud achievement.”