The crane was 104ft long, and installed 49ft high. The company was given a space 22ft x 80ft to work in, bounded by shield walls: according to one employee, it was like ‘working in a prison cell’. Barnhart worked with the overhead crane manufacturer to design a solution that would allow for the crane girder to be cut in two, lifted into place, and then bolted back together (with 308 hand-torqued bolts). Barnhart built four Modular Lift Tower (MLT) structures in a horizontal configuration and placed two sets of four-leg gantries with header beams on top to receive the two loads, the 25 US ton crane half, and the 40 US ton crane half with attached trolley. A custom-made hoist hung from the existing overhead crane hook lifted each half the crane bridge, turned it 90 degrees, and then moved it into position.