Sennebogen 835M working for Glazewing in the UK

The first vessel for over a decade recently docked at the Port of Wisbech to collect a cargo of scrap metal. Having discharged a cargo of sugar beet the Brandaris left Berwick in Scotland to collect its Norfolk shipment which had been arranged by local company Glazewing.

Specialists in total waste management Glazewing have been busy over the last few weeks stockpiling the waste scrap on the quayside for loading into the cargo hold of the ship for delivery to Pasajes in Northern Spain.

At the heart of this operation are two Sennebogen Greenline material handlers, one of which, an 835M, has recently been purchased from E H Hassell the UK distributor for the Sennebogen Greenline range. Working alongside an 825 machine the new 835M has been deployed on the loading of the scrap metal from the dockside directly into the hold of the vessel.

This new 835M is the fourth Greenline machine that Glazewing have purchased from Hassell in the last 14 months. The 835M machine has been supplied with a type C270 hydraulically adjustable F2000 air conditioned operator’s cabin, which provides the operator with all-round visibility enabling him to load safely and efficiently from his elevated position.

Operating on solid rubber tyres, the machine is equipped with a type K17 materials handling boom consisting of a 9.7m boom and a 7.8m stick. Equipped with automatic central lubrication, the 835 is powered by a larger 200KW Deutz BF6M 1013 FC water cooled engine instead of the standard 166KW engine.

David Grief – MD of Glazewing, commented, “This is a very exciting new venture for Glazewing using the Port of Wisbech as a base to export scrap metal for reprocessing, this will eliminate long journeys up to the Humber ports where the shipments have historically been handled.”

“The decision to purchase a fourth Greenline material handler has been based on our experience of the previous Sennebogen machines, which now make a total of 8 in our fleet. It is a major investment that will broaden the company’s capability to efficiently handle and load the scrap metal as well as other general handling duties within the company.”